Mirko Jokic
Web designer and front-end developer with passion to create simple and effective web sites and applications.
My focus is to make high-converting websites.


You will love to work with this guy!

His passion about details is incredible. He ask right questions.
Simple and easy to use is his life moto.

- Dave Peterson


Obsessed with traveling, extraordinary wines, cigars and beautiful women.
Except that, I can make you a website.

Founder at Deluminal, digital agency focused on web design and development.

Previously worked with various startups and digital agencies from the US as a web designer and front-end development. I realized falls in the workflow of the usual development team, tight deadlines, pressure, corporate culture, bad clients...

Wanted to work differently, so it was time to make it right.

I believe all of us need to be happy, to love and to be loved.
At the same time, we spend a lot of time at work. Enjoyment and fun - that's how work should be. No pressure.

Those are the core values at Deluminal.

I created a digital agency having in mind the importance of personal life, strongly believe in fun and enjoyable working place.

Cacak, Serbia
+1 646 434 6956